Pilates for Back Pain 

In Norwich, Norfolk

No classes for back pain or pregnancy are running at present. Please email info@clairegurneypilates.com if you would like to be informed of any future courses.


If you’ve ever suffered from back pain you’re certainly not alone. Back pain affects almost 80% of us at some point in our lives.


Learn exercises and self-care tips to strengthen your back, improve your posture, restore balance within your body and relieve pain.


“Pilates for Back Pain”

This course is not running at present, if you would like to register your interest for future classes please get in touch.

Email info@clairegurneypilates.com 


Your place on the course includes an exercise and self-care guide, to build on your progress during and after each class.


The course is led by Claire Gurney, a specialist Pilates instructor in back pain and orthopaedic conditions. 

Classes held at treat Norwich, Capitol House, Heigham street, NR2 4TE 

£40 for 4 weeks


Back Pain 

Causes and prevention


For many people inactive jobs and sedentary lifestyles can cause us to sit, stand and move in un-natural postures, contributing to tension, pain and stiffness. 


The way we move and exercise can lead to postural imbalances, which are usually not a problem until injury occurs or we push ourselves a little too far, causing back pain to set in. This is especially common for those who do not vary their exercise routines! As certain muscles of the body can become over-worked from constantly doing the same movements and taking the strain, whilst other muscles become weak from lack of use. 


If our bodies are under-used or out of balance, then and the muscles, joints and ligaments in our back and surrounding areas are often not as mobile or stable as they should be.  


Recovery and Prevention

To effectively recover from and prevent back pain it is important to restore the strength and mobility within the muscles of our back, abdominals, shoulders and pelvis. This will help to restore balance and function to these areas, allowing them to work as they should, without risk of pain and injury. 


The principles of Pilates focus on postural alignment and core control, a stronger "core" and good posture is important for the body to move at its best, preventing and reducing pain.  


The mobility and stretching elements of Pilates, combined with deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help to reduce muscular tension in the back, neck and shoulders, as often tension and pains in these areas result from a physical or mental stress, which Pilates can help to relieve. 


If Pilates isnt for you then it is important to get some regular exercise, as low-impact movement will help to strengthen your back and reduce tension, in a safe non-aggravating way. Swimming and walking are the simplest and most effective methods of exercise for improving and preventing back pain.


Other exercise programmes may also help, providing you inform your instructor of you limitations and ensure they are appropriately qualified to help you, and adapt your exercises according to your levels of pain and ability. 


Pregnancy Pilates

Classes in Norwich, Norfolk.


Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates is the perfect exercise to improve strength, fitness and energy levels both during and after pregnancy.


Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, it strengthens and stretches the body, improving strength and mobility, without placing stress on the joints. Pilates exercises can be easily adapted during pregnancy suit changes in posture, body shape and energy levels, as the body changes with each trimester.



Pilates has many benefits for mums- to-be, it strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominals, helping to prepare the body for a smoother pregnancy and birth. Regular practice before birth can aid recovery, as the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles become stronger with Pilates.


Women who exercise during pregnancy often feel more energetic and able to return to being active after birth. Pilates keeps the, legs, back arms and shoulders strong and flexible, in preparation for the physical demands of being a mum.


What to expect in a class

Pregnancy Pilates classes will be taught and planned with pregnancy in mind. Exercises will be chosen and adapted during to suit the changes in posture, body shape and energy levels, that women experience with each trimester. Pregnancy Pilates classes provide an effective workout, which is safe for mother and baby.


Class details

This course is not running at present, if you would like to register your interest for future classes please get in touch.

Small group Pregnancy Pilates classes are available at treat, Norwich. 

Mums-to-be can benefit from extra support, advice and guidance in a smaller class


Classes held at

treat clinic

Capitol House

Heigham Street




To regsiter your interest email instructor  Claire: info@fitternorfolk.co.uk, or call treat on 01603 514195.


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