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Cardiac Rehab - Heart-Healthy Exercise!

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for more information about heart healthy exercise classses and phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation in Mattishall, Norfolk.


  • Are you living with or recovering from heart disease, surgery or a long term health condition?
  • Would you like to become fitter and healthier?
  • Are you unsure what type of exercise is good or right for you?


Exercise can help to manage many forms of heart and circulatory disease. It is also beneficial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other common conditions. It can help to improve your symptoms and general health.


“Heart works” exercise classes are specialist cardiac rehabilitation and exercise referral classes, suitable for those with common health conditions, and others who want to reduce their chances of developing them.


If you would like to improve your health and fitness but have health limitations then these exercise classes are for you, as guidance is available from specialist fitness instrcutors.


We advise you to check with a medical professional (e.g. GP) before starting a class, to make sure the exercise is right for you.


What to expect

The format of the class and exercises included allow you to work with others or at your own pace, (even if you are a beginner) with guidance from a qualified instructor. After a full body warm up you complete a circuit of 14 exercises for one minute each. A cool down with stretches is performed at the end of the class, allowing you to fully wind down after your exercise.


Information on physical activity, healthy eating and local activities is also provided, to help you to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Family and friends are welcome to attend with you if you would like some extra encouragement.


Classes are run as part of the “Heartworks” “Phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation and exercise referral scheme. Those with conditions listed below are encouraged to attend Heartworks classes, and just need to gain approval from their doctor, nurse, or physiotherapist first. This can be done by simply printing the referral form and guidance (see the downloadable form section) and taking it to your doctor (or health professional), and then to your first exercise class.


Who can attend?

Exercise classes are suitable for people with the following health conditions:

  • Angina
  • High blood pressure
  • History of bypass surgery and/or heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • CHD
  • Overweight
  • Back and joint pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mild Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer


If you have one of these conditions you need to gain approval from a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist. Please contact us if you need more information.


To gain medical approval please download and print the referral form and guidance (from the downloads page), take it to your health professional, and then to your first exercise class. Please also contact us at Fitter Norfolk to let us know you would like to attend a class.


What if I don’t have a health condition?

If you do not have one of these health conditions and would like to attend classes to become fitter and healthier, please complete the PAR-Q form in the downloadable form section, and take it to your first exercise class.  Please also contact

Class Timetable

Exercise classes are held in Mattishall.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday


Mattishall Sports and Social Club


Mattishall Sports and Social Club


Mattishall Sports and Social Club


Mattishall Sports and Social Club


Venue Address


Mattishall Sports and Social Club,

47 South Green




NR20 3JY


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What my clients say

"Good workouts and great advice"

"I like the intimacy of Claire's small group classes, it's nice to be able to ask quesitons"

"I love Claire's exercise classes! I always leave feeling tired but happy"